goodmorning, world

So. yesterday and the day before were kinda a fail. BUT.. it’s okay because i am back on track now. Well, i have a meet today so I have to eat a little more than usual in order to you know…er…support my system while running real fast.

so far, i woke up at 5:30 (went to bed at like 12)

… idebated having a bagel with strawberry cream cheese but then i got a very vivid mental image of myself not being attractive. SO i had 1/2 cup of oats+3/4 cup of water= oatmeal! and some brown sugar in it because it tastes really gross when it’s plain.

And then i had a pear, and a hard boiled egg. Don’t judge me! I’m just wierd, i guess.

And during the day leading up to my meet, imma try to spread everything out over intervals of 3 hours so that i dont get too hungry or full and can preform well. I’ve brought an apple, a banana, two pieces of gluten free, 7-grain toast, a water bottle and a raisin luna bar. yum. 11- apple, toast/ 2-toast/ banana/ 5- luna bar

and i must drink throughout the day to be well-hydrated.

and then i’ll have a really nice salad when i get home.

this dosen’t sound like too bad a day, eating-wise.